COVID-19: Kaizen Institute’s Response

We are working in response to the unprecedented circumstances and are also continuing to serve our clients

Managing Virtual Teams and Gemba proactively

Today’s improvement based on KAIZEN™ Principles will strengthen your organization and lead to a better future

1. Eliminate Muri, Muda and Mura, and improve QCD
2. Create standardized work practices
3. Stimulate your workplace by improving the "motion mind"

KAIZEN™ Time Study
Digital Workstyle for All

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Over 300 short KAIZEN™ videos available on demand

These videos are perfect for self-study, blended learning, or micro-learning training just when you need it

"The implementation of shopfloor management, was another important step within our EFQM process and made us the benchmark leader in the meat processing industry."

Ralph Dausch - CEO Kaufland Fleischwaren, Germany

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Welcome to Kaizen Institute

Today KAIZEN™ is positioned as an important pillar of a long-term competitive strategy by many successful corporations.

KAIZEN™ Guiding Principles

  • Good processes deliver good results
  • Go see for yourself to grasp the current situation
  • Speak with data, manage by facts
  • Take action to correct root causes of problems
  • Work as a team
  • KAIZEN™ is everybody's responsibility
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Upcoming Training Courses

This webinar, sponsored by our partner company Promega, is designed to help organizations understand the OSHA 3990 guidance document that was recently published by OSHA on March 20 of 2020. This webinar will help attendees understand what they must do to protect their employees, to the extent possible, from contracting and/or spreading COVID-19. The Guidance document will address planning, prevention, identification of the virus, internal communication, and implementation controls. We will further show how a KAIZEN™ mindset can make implementation of these guidelines much more effective. This 60-minute webinar, presented by the Director of US Operations Mike Micklewright, will provide you with quick and easy steps that you can implement in your business or team immediately. It will also include a Q&A session with our expert consultants. We hope you will join us on the Microsoft Teams platform for this event.


KAIZEN™ je japanska filozofija neprekidnog poboljšanja. Trening je namenjen proizvodnim inženjerima, KAIZEN™ menadžerima i ljudima u proizvodnji koji su zainteresovani da nauče kako da adekvatno održavaju potpunu produktivnost mašina u pogonu. Obuke se izvode na srpskom po sertifikovanom programu Kaizen Instituta.


Obuka i radionica koja pomaže uslužnim kompanijama u lakšem, bržem i kvalitetnijem obavljanju zadataka. Kontrolišite kvalitet usluga, struktuirano rešavajte probleme, eleminišite gubitke, stvorite tok informacija i materijala gde za te funkcije Vaši zaposleni postaju eksperti. KAIZEN™ metodologija prenosi svoje alate i na uslužne delatnosti, bez obzira na njihovu veličinu.


Who works with Kaizen Institute

A small selection of the clients we serve.


"Kaizen Institute has done a commendable job in promoting KAIZEN™ across Africa, especially in East Africa. With many organizations trained and on the path of KAIZEN™, there is significant awareness, learning and capacity enhancement. We at BIDCO across Africa have been one of the earliest clients and we continue to be a staunch believer and promoter of KAIZEN™ in every process and business!"

Vimal Shah - Founder Director BIDCO Africa, Kenya

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