Big results come from many small changes accumulated over time

Strategic KAIZEN™

The new book by Masaaki Imai, released in the U.S. on June 22nd

Managing Virtual Teams and gemba proactively

Today’s improvement based on KAIZEN™ Principles will strengthen your organization and lead to a better future

1. Eliminate Muri, muda and Mura, and improve QCD
2. Create standardized work practices
3. Stimulate your workplace by improving the "motion mind"

KAIZEN™ Time Study
Digital Workstyle for All

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Over 300 short KAIZEN™ videos available on demand

These videos are perfect for self-study, blended learning, or micro-learning training just when you need it

"The implementation of shopfloor management, was another important step within our EFQM process and made us the benchmark leader in the meat processing industry."

Ralph Dausch - CEO Kaufland Fleischwaren, Germany

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Welcome to Kaizen Institute

Today KAIZEN™ is positioned as an important pillar of a long-term competitive strategy by many successful corporations.

KAIZEN™ Guiding Principles

  • Good processes deliver good results
  • Go see for yourself to grasp the current situation
  • Speak with data, manage by facts
  • Take action to correct root causes of problems
  • Work as a team
  • KAIZEN™ is everybody's responsibility
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Upcoming Training Courses

Este programa está dirigido a profesionales comprometidos con la mejora continua de su organización que tienen a cargo equipos de trabajo, capacidad analítica, habilidades de liderazgo, comunicación efectiva, trabajo en equipo y conocimiento intermedio en herramientas de mejora continua “KAIZEN™ - Lean”.


Le programme KAIZEN™ dans la Logistique présente des techniques pour optimiser les opérations logistiques, contribuant ainsi à l’augmentation de la rentabilité des processus de stockage et de transport.


Velkommen til KAIZEN™ Lean Yellow belt sertifisering! Kaizen Institute’s Lean Yellow Belt gir deg en innføring i KAIZEN™ metodikken - Lean beste praksis – utviklet gjennom 75 år av Toyota og videreutviklet av Kaizen Institute, verdensledende innen kontinuerlige forbedringstjenester siden 1985. Kurset gir deg det du trenger for å starte å klatre på Lean-modenhetsstigen. Du vil få en helhetlig forståelse for Lean og hvordan du kommer igang med systematisk kontinuerlig forbedring innenfor ditt eget arbeidsområde. Gjennom vår internasjonalt anerkjente KAIZEN™ Lean Yellow Belt sertifisering vil du styrke din kompetanse, CV og posisjon både i din egen virksomhet og på arbeidsmarkedet. Ved påmelding registrerer du en epostadresse og vi sender deg mer informasjon ca 1 uke i forkant av kurset. I etterkant sender vi en lenke til eksamensoppgavene, og du gjennomfører testen med alle hjelpemidler, når du selv ønsker. Prisen er 9.400,- + 1.500,- i sertifiseringsavgift.


Nová série KAIZEN™ College 1. úroveň: KAIZEN™ praktikant - podzim 2022


Who works with Kaizen Institute

A small selection of the clients we serve.


"Assessing our KAIZEN™ activities from the perspective of time, we can see that the key success factor is the real commitment of employees and the role of leaders. From the highest level to the operational level. Without them, even if the implementation itself was successful, then it is difficult to maintain the achieved results in the long run."

Wojciech Smardz - Head of Continuous Improvement and Director of Step by Step Program, PKP Energetyka

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