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Daily KAIZEN™, Flow Management

Carpigiani Group

Client Profile

Incorporated in 1946, Carpigiani, a leading international producer of italian-style ice cream machines. Carpigiani has 11 product families, 300 machine models with over 2,000 different versions. Today, it is a large international company that incorporates 10 commercial branches and 220 distributors.

KAIZEN™ success manufacturing


In 2013, Carpigiani commenced the KAIZEN™ journey with Kintsugi aimed to reconstruct the corporate structure, making it more suitable for the present and future challenges.

Challenges Carpigiani wanted to tackle:

  1. Review of the production phases according to the flow management concept; and
  2. The improvement of the integration of the production department, the commercial areas and the logistics.

"The most significant result was the 50% reduction of delivery times. This was not possible due to a specific intervention, but because all company members questioned everything which was previously taken for granted."

Andrea Cocchi - CEO

Carpigiani Group, Italy

Andrea Cocchi - CEO Carpigiani, Italy

Our Approach

  • Implementation of the supermarket model to reorganize stocks
  • Integration of two strategic suppliers with KANBAN
  • Reorganization and unification of production lines under the management of a team leader
  • Internalization of the machinery washing phase
  • Introduction to Daily KAIZEN™
  • Introduction of the Syncro corner, a place where data is aligned to ensure that orders are processed as quickly as possible
  • Foundation of the Carpigiani Factory School to train employees internally

Key Results

  • 50% time reduction between the date of the order to the delivery of the product
  • Reduction of stocks
  • Reduction of accumulation
  • Reduction of order processing time
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