New Kaizen Institute Business Units

We are excited to announce Kaizen Institute's newest operations expanding within North America and Asia. Please find more details below and let us know how Kaizen Institute can assist you on your Continuous Improvement journey for success!

Kaizen Institute Canada (QC)

We are pleased to announce our new operation in Canada. Kaizen Institute Canada (QC) has been established in January 2019 in the province of Quebec. This Business Unit for Quebec will be led by Zafar Inayat, who has served as a Senior Consultant of Kaizen Institute for many years. Kaizen Institute Canada (QC) will aim to provide high levels of performance and improvement for companies based in the province of Quebec, raising their competitiveness and growth by using KAIZEN™ methodologies.

Kaizen Institute America (NY)

Kaizen Institute’s operation in the state of New York, USA, started its activities in January 2019, led by Chris Stoddart, who has served as Director in Canada as well as a Senior Consultant for the US operations. Chris has 25 years of experience in the field of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement using KAIZEN™ methodologies. His aim is to grow the business in the state of New York and to be the premium provider of KAIZEN™ services.

Kaizen Institute America (VA)

Our operation in the state of Virginia, USA, began in January 2019, led by Jesse Martin (see picture above). Since 2015, Jesse has been developing a private consultancy and training business based in Virginia, working for many clients operating in the strategic sectors. Being a part of the Kaizen Institute group, with the proven methods and experienced professionals, Kaizen Institute America (VA) will further increase the business performance of many clients in the state of Virginia, USA.

Kaizen Institute Singapore

Kaizen Institute’s operations in Singapore will start from April 2019. Led by Fery, the clients in diverse sectors such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Chemical, Agriculture, Semiconductor, Banking will be served with the deep knowledge and experience implementing Continuous Improvement. Their mission is to create a sustainable business improvement culture in companies through engaging Everyone, Everywhere and Every Day via the KAIZEN™ Way.

Kaizen Institute’s local, regional and global operations have and continue to comply and work within its well documented Code of Conduct, to better serve our clients, while ensuring we have no conflicts of interest.


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