Annual event “Improve & Grow” organized by Kaizen Institute Italy

On the 8th of November, more than 300 entrepreneurs from all over Italy came together for the annual event “Improve & Grow” organized by Kaizen Institute Italy with special guest Masaaki Imai, Founder of Kaizen Institute.

An interested, attentive and involved public literally packed the hall of Villa Quaranta in Pescantina (Verona) listening to and interacting with Masaaki Imai and all the other speakers of the day.

The day started with the introduction of Carlo Ratto, Founding Partner of Kaizen Institute Italy and continued with Masaaki Imai’s keynote speech and a round table dialogue with Andrea Cocchi, CEO of Carpigiani Group – Ali, Paolo Cortinovis, Production Manager of BTicino (Varese Plant), Bruno Fabiano, Founding Partner of Kaizen Institute Italy, Michele Galbiati, Plant Manager of Lavazza (Gattinara and Settimo Torinese plants), Andrea Occari, Supply Chain & Production Manager of Carpigiani Group – Ali and Giuseppe Parola, Industrial Director of BTicino. The video of Pierluigi Tosato, CEO of Deoleo, the world’s largest group in the market of olive oil, closed the event by presenting Pierluigi Tosato’s new book “Samurai Manager”.

Carlo Ratto and Bruno Fabiano also launched the new format of training KAIZEN™ Live Experience. A model where training is not done in a classroom or in front of a screen, but directly inside the company, at Gemba, analysing concrete problems, real situations and drawing real solutions to be presented to the company management and therefore creating the conditions to start a path of continuous improvement.

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