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Kaizen Institute's distinctive training program includes learning the theory and practice, and Gemba visits whenever possible.

"Working with the concepts and tools in a room and then immediately starting to apply them – this is, without a doubt, an innovative way of learning and managing change in a natural and painless way. The quick-wins, or more significant results, are reached and have a motivating effect for continuity of the change process."

Jaime Maia - Program Management Office, Sonae MC, Portugal

Upcoming Training Courses

Bu eğitim, Sürekli İyileştirmenin (KAIZEN™) ana ilkelerini kapsmaktadır. Eğitim, (KAIZEN™) Yalın Felsefeyi genel anlatmak ile başlar ve ardından Değişime Direnç, KAIZEN™ ilkeleri, Görsel Yönetim ve KAIZEN™ Değişim Modeli gibi konuları devam eder. KAIZEN™ felsefesinin ana hatlarını oluşturan tüm bu kavramları geniş bir şekilde ele almaktadır ve kursiyerin kolay anlayacağı bir seviyede anlatır. Anlaması her seviyede kolaydır. Öğrenmeyi güçlendirmek için eğitimin sonunda bir pratik uygulama ile eğitim boyunca çeşitli ilgi çekici ödevler/uygulamalar vardır. Bu uygulamalar ile konunun daha iyi öğrenilmesini ve içselleştirilmesi sağlanır.


The goal of the seminar is to familiarize the participants with the basics of KAIZEN™ / Lean. With theoretical input, practical examples and exercises, partially in a real company, they learn about sustainable implementation of the daily KAIZEN™ process at Shopfloor, while actively involving employees in the process of change.


The KAIZEN™ Foundations Certification Program is an introductory program designed to familiarize those with limited or no exposure to KAIZEN™/Lean methodologies to practices that reduce waste, identifies savings opportunities, and engages others to new and better ways of doing work. It exposes the student to a KAIZEN™/Lean Operating philosophy and provides them with the means to support it on a day-to-day basis. Students learn how introductory Lean tools foster a waste-free, customer-centric work environment. For those familiar with KAIZEN™ training, this covers the same course material as our Yellow Belt Training, but in an Online format. The program is delivered online with a live facilitator in a series of weekly modules. Please contact us if you wish to participate in the program please fill out the registration. The dates will be confirmed for start when at least 8 students are registered!


En las empresas productivas, la gestión de activos es de alta relevancia en los resultados del negocio. El Mantenimiento Productivo LEAN®, entrega pilares que posibilitan extender el valor de los activos, junto con ampliar la capacidad productiva aumentando el OEE, al reducir el tiempo total de paros, utilizar los equipos a su velocidad nominal y asegurando la Calidad de los productos. Esto requiere la integración entre el cambio conductual de las personas en las líneas productivas, un soporte planificado efectivo y eficiente, una resolución estructurada de problemas simples a complejos, con seguridad de las personas e instalaciones.

KAIZEN™ office live

Lean Office

KAIZEN™ Office Live

This program focuses on efficient administrative processes. The key goals are to strengthen the competitive edge in terms of quality, cost and time of services offered by the company. Improving the work flow, effective communication and documentation organization are some of the effects of Lean processes.

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KAIZEN™ office live

In-house Training

KAIZEN™ In-house Training

Customized KAIZEN™ In-house Training is tailored to the specific needs, defined objectives and business goals of our clients.

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