Sustaining Lean Implementation in Pharma and Chemical Manufacturing

This 2-day highly interactive and practical course will assist chemical, petrochemical, pharma manufacturing companies in achieving a competitive advantage by having an effective and well- managed operation. This program is designed to help leaders understand the ways of thinking, behaving & leading that builds a sustainable Lean culture in an Organization

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22. - 23. Aug. 2019



Our Training Goals

Lean has been promoted as a set of tools for over two decades. The consequence has been a series of initiatives in many Chemical manufacturing organizations, with mixed results. While a few exceptional companies have been able to sustain the benefits & keep improving, a majority have floundered. The long term success has been abysmally low. The Indian chemical industry is at a transition point between a phase of extensive scale building and becoming a global leader. And one of the imperatives to make that shift happen, bringing a potential EBITDA impact ranging from an additional 4 to 7 percentage point is through changes required in manufacturing excellence.

Lean Management offers a path to building sustainable competitive advantages over a relatively short span of time– at the same time benchmark processes for the long term.
Researchers have arrived at the root cause when Lean is developed as a ‘way of thinking’ and a culture it sustains. ‘Culture building’ is easier said than done; it must happen top down & it must result in new behaviours.

What you learn

• The framework for transformational culture building
• Creating a culture of sustenance and continual improvement through Daily KAIZEN™
• The Lean toolbox and culture building
• Performance management to drive a Lean culture
• Role of leaders in building a Lean culture
• The art and science of coaching in Lean culture building

Sustaining Lean Implementation in Pharma and Chemical Manufacturing

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