KAIZEN™ Insights and Bench marking Tour - Japan

The only place to be able to learn real why, what and how is in Japan. This 5 days Japan Insights and Bench marking tour provides participants a real insight of KAIZEN™ ™. This program is specifically designed for professionals who want to learn how to improve their current operations.

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11. - 16. Nov. 2018

United Arab Emirates


Our Training Goals

Through KAIZEN™ Bench marking Tours, you will learn:
1) Authentic Lean and KAIZEN™principles
2) Toyota Production System and its application in Japan
3) Various tools and the correct and sustainable way to utilize them
4) How to maintain a Lean and KAIZEN™ culture
5) Leadership skills and roles of the management
6) Various case studies and KAIZEN™ practices
7) Bench marking and learning from various organizations
8) Holistic system to manage organizations

What you learn

You will experience Gemba visits, lectures / panel discussions / interaction with
KAIZEN™ experts with the objective to learn the key critical aspects of KAIZEN™
and how your organization can make the differences.Learn the perfect integration of KAIZEN™ in Japan, based on Toyota Production System (TPS).

You will meet and interact with various professional who were engaged in leading
companies based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) implementation.

KAIZEN™ Insights and Bench marking Tour - Japan

25000 AED

(local taxes might apply)

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