Introduction to Kaizen/Lean Certifications

If you are curious about what is contained in Kaizen Institute Belt Certification training or want to learn more about Lean before you invest your time and money, attend our Online Introduction! This program describes the interactive learning programs for both our live and online offerings and will give the participants plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get more information before taking the certification steps.

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25. May. 2021

Online (10am-12pm)


200 MYR

Our Training Goals

What you will learn:
What is the KAIZEN™ Business System, and how can it help my organization?

What is the KAIZEN™ Change Management Model, and how do the elements tie together to create culture change?

What elements of Daily KAIZEN™ are the easiest and most effective to implement? What are the quick wins in DK?

What are the 5 KAIZEN™ Principles?

What is contained in the Yellow and Green Belt Certification programs and what are the options for attending them?

What you learn

Offered through a 2 hours interactive online presentation via Microsoft Teams. A link to the MS Teams app and an invitation to the program will be forwarded upon registration.

Introduction to Kaizen/Lean Certifications

200 MYR

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