KAIZEN™ (TM) - Lean Green belt - digital edition

Kaizen Institute, the world leader for continuous improvement services since 1985 is happy to launch digital edition of our Lean Yellow Belt and Lean Green Belt certification program. The courses consists of webinars, exercises and homework between the live sessions. The body of knowledge and degree of difficulty is on the same level as our traditional classroom course. The course is supported by our large Lean training video collection, Kaizen™ Online. This digital Green Belt course will give you a profound understanding of the Lean approach, combined with broad skills in Kaizen, enabling you to spearhead continuous improvement efforts in your own area of work. The Webinars will contain presentations and lectures, and we will interact with the students during the sessions, answering questions and responding to your comments and feedback. Short breaks will be included to ensure a good experience for all participants. Our course leaders are long time experts in organizing continuous improvement in different industries; e.g. Financial services, Public services, Pharma, Process Industry, Offshore. They will ensure that the content is related and relevant to your own line of work.

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01. - 11. Mar. 2021


8300 NOK

Our Training Goals

What you learn

Topics covered:
• Day 1: How to start daily team based continuous improvement – Daily KAIZEN™. Best practise for team-based improvement – Daily KAIZEN™
• DAY 2: Daily KAIZEN™ techniques: Visual management for teams, 5S, Standard work, continuous improvement using the PDCA cycle
• DAY 3: How to achieve fast results with material business impact – Breakthrough KAIZEN™
• DAY 4: Lean Leadership and how to create an improvement strategy for your business. Leaders role (Leaders KAIZEN™)

KAIZEN™ (TM) - Lean Green belt - digital edition

8300 NOK

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