KAIZEN™ Foundations for Teams

This classroom training course introduces the foundations of KAIZEN™ as applied within teams. It is the first of three KAIZEN™ Practitioner courses. It presents the KAIZEN™ principles underpinning an organisation-wide culture of operational excellence and highlights how foundational Continuous Improvements methods, tools and techniques are applied to fulfil a KAIZEN™ strategy.

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08 - 09. Sep. 2022

New Zealand


945 NZD

Our Training Goals

Gain knowledge, understanding, learning, and initial application of KAIZEN™ within a team, especially a frontline team.
Grasp the underlying KAIZEN™ principles that drive excellence.
Gain insight into the creation of a KAIZEN™ Business System and how it is key in creating a culture of ongoing improvement.

What you learn

The course covers the KAIZEN™ approach to create and sustain holistic excellence by explaining the "why, what and how".
What are KAIZEN™ and Lean?
Resistance to change and how to overcome it.
Understanding the KAIZEN™ principles.
The difference between "value" and "waste" (muda) and its effect on the customer.
The power of visual management.
How to bring about change that lasts - KAIZEN™ Change Model.
How to start with the foundational Continuous Improvement methods and tools.
This course will be facilitated in a classroom setting with practical group exercises to foster the theory. Detail will be sent after registration.

KAIZEN™ Foundations for Teams

945 NZD

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