Total Flow Management Foundations

You will learn about the philosophy and methods of Total Flow Management and how to use this system for improving process flow within production departments. The flow tools being taught help you to design the production process according to customer needs and to significantly reduce cycle time and inventory.

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28. - 31. Aug. 2017



Our Training Goals

After attending this seminar, you will: • Understand the principles of Just-in-time production and the concept of Pull-system for creating continuous flow along the supply chain • Learn how to use methods such as KANBAN, Value Stream Mapping, and One-Piece-Flow, to reduce cycle time and inventory • Be able to redesign your workflow more efficiently, especially in production areas, in order to increase productivity and delivery reliability

What you learn

Content: • Principles of Just-in-time production • Tools for detecting waste (ex. overproduction, inventory) • From batch production to assembly line production • Adapting to customer cycle and One-Piece-Flow • Types of line design (e.g. U-layout) • Workplace design • Standardized work • Border of Lines (supplying of lines) • Principles of the PULL system • Basic principles of KANBAN concept • Basic principle of Supermarket concept

Total Flow Management Foundations

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