KAIZEN™ Manager Examination

Participants who have successfully completed all Kaizen Institute Practitioner, Coach and Manager courses are required to take and pass the Manager Exam in order to receive the Manager Certification from the Kaizen Institute. The first day of the exam is comprised of a written exam, a group project and a group presentation. On the second day, participants present their individual Manager Project to fellow participants and KAIZEN™ consultants. Each individual is graded on the actual Manager Project and the presentation of their project. A final grade for each person is determined from: their grade on the written exam; their group project contribution; the group presentation; their Manager Project and presentation of their project.

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11. - 11. Dec. 2017



Our Training Goals

The exam, tasks, group project and group presentation provide Kaizen Institute trainers with information by which to assess participants’ knowledge and understanding of KAIZEN™ Manager tools, methodologies and manager and leader theories and practices. Participants are also evaluated on: their ability to apply theory to practice in their own workplace; their ability to problem solve; their contributions to teamwork and on their presentation skills.

What you learn

Day One:
• Exam (multiple choice, short essay questions)
• Team project
• Presentation of the team project
• Evaluation of the team project by a KAIZEN™ consultants and trainers
• Presentation of the results

Day Two:
• Each individual will present his/her Manager Project and answer questions from Kaizen Institute consultants
• Each individual will complete a written evaluation for the Kaizen Institute Manager Exam
• Time permitting, the course participants (as one team) will present more detailed feedback on their overall Global Training experience (from Practitioner to Manager)

KAIZEN™ Manager Examination

3390 EUR

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