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01. - 01. Jan. 1970

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It develops the behaviors of managers and middle managers, it is the axes of continuous improvement, related to the strategic objectives, the motivation of the team and the consolidation of the change.


This course teaches Continuous Improvement tools in transactional areas, increasing focus on processes, productivity, reducing errors and response times.


KAIZEN™ Basics introduces KAIZEN™ foundations and philosophy, through explaining basic Lean methodology principles. It also deals with the way KAIZEN™ moderates and supports company’s dedication to continuous improvement.


The goal of this informational event is to provide an overview of the efficiency improvement possibilities in the administrative areas. The participants have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the KAIZEN™ Office. Utilizing many practical examples, you will get suggestions to successfully start the "Lean Administration" or "Office KAIZEN" improvement process.

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