Aflac Improves their KAIZEN™ Culture in the Virtual World

Many of us have scrambled to make ends meet, to provide internal and external services, and/or to ship product in the early months of the new COVID world. Some of us have succeeded better than others. As we move forward, perhaps it is time to breathe and learn from others who have made their transition to this new world successfully while using, maintaining and improving their KAIZEN™ culture. The Finance Division of Aflac started its KAIZEN™ journey nearly 2.5 years ago and has experienced many bottom line and cultural successes. It is the establishment of a KAIZEN™ culture which has made the transition to 100% virtual work easy to do and has kept the organization on pace to meet its 2020 strategic objectives in spite of all the chaos. We look forward to your attendance at this thought provoking and entertaining webinar!

04. Jun. 2020

United States
Online only 1:00-2:00pm Eastern


Our Training Goals

Learn how Aflac has continued their Daily Huddle and Mission Control Meetings, performed virtual Gemba walks, and continues to train and coach internal KAIZEN™ leaders virtually in a unique webinar which will consist of:
-Interview with June Howard, Aflac’s Chief Accounting Officer
-Listening in on a Virtual Daily Huddle Meeting
-Listening in on a real Virtual Gemba Walk
-Questions and Answers with the Aflac participants

What you learn

This webinar is available to you free of charge through the support of our sponsor Aflac.

Aflac Improves their KAIZEN™ Culture in the Virtual World

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